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Avalukena Song Lyrics

Avalukena Song Lyrics

Avalukena Song Lyrics from “Avalukena Album“. Anirudh Ravichander‘s Valentine’s Day single.Avalukena tune made by Anirudh Ravichander. Avalukena is a breathtakingly beautiful serenade from a guy to his lady love for whom he would go to the world’s very end to make her happy.The single has Anirudh and Srinidhi Venkatesh in the lead vocals with Vignesh Shivan directing the song video and penning the lyrics.The music is released in Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.Avalukena Song lyrics are given below.

Kadhal Diname Kaathirukkirom
Kaigal Thodave Kaathirukkirom
Idhayam Tharave Kaathirukkirom
Idhalgal Padave Kaathirukkirom

Avalukena Pudhithai Maarinom
Avalukena Kavidhai Ularinom
Avalukena Kadalgal Thandinom
Avalukena Avalukena

Aval Kkena Vizhithey Thoonginom
Avalkkena Valigal Thanginom
Avl Kkena Vaazhnthey Pazhaginom
Avalkkena Avalkena

Avalo Ingu Innai
Naano Angu Illai
Irupinum Edho Ondru Aaguthe

Avalo Ingu Innai
Naano Angu Illai
Aanal Ulle Etho Ondru Thondruthe

Kadhal Dhiname Kaathirukirom
Kaigal Thodave Kaathirukirom
Idhayam Tharave Kaathirukirom
Idhalgal Padave Kaathirukirom

Avanukena Pudhidhaai Maarinom
Avalkena Uravugal Udharinom
Avanukena Thadaigal Thaandinom
Avanukena Avanukena

Avanukena Thaayum Aaginom
Avanukena Edhaiyum Thaanginom
Avanukena Vaazhndhe Pazhaginom
Avanukena Avanukena

Avano Ingu Illai
Naano Angu Illai
Irupinum Edho Ondru Aagudhe

Avano Ingu Illai
Naano Angu Illai
Aanal Ulle Edho Ondru Thondrudhe

Kattukadanga Kaadhalum
Kalatri Vittaval
Endralum Avalodu Dhinam Kanavil

Aval Vittu Sendra Ninaivugal
Thottu Paarkave
Thedi Adhai Thedi
Naam Engum Alaigirom

Avalin Antha Kannangal
Azhagai Thondrave
Aval Sirikka Aval Sirikka
Naam Edhaiyum Seigirom
Edhaiyum Izhandha Podhilum
Naam Tholaintdha Podhilum
Aval Pothum Aval Podhum
Yendra Naam Vaazhgirom

Avalukena Pudhithaai Maarinom
Avalukena Kavithai Ularinom
Avalukena Kadalgal Thaandinom
Avalukena Avalukena

Avalukena Vizhithey Thoonginom
Avalukena Valigal Thaanginom
Aanal Ulla Edho Ondru Thondrudhe

Avalukena Song Video

Avalukena Song Details

Album :  Avalukena

Song Name : Avalukena

Starring : Anirudh Ravichander

Music :  Anirudh Ravichander

Singers : Anirudh Ravichander,Srinidhi Venkatesh

Lyrics : Vignesh Shivan

Director – Vignesh Shivan

Producer – Anirudh Ravichander

Label : Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Year : 2016

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