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  • Kanna Kuzhi Song Lyrics

    Kanna Kuzhi Song Lyrics from “ Anthony Daasan“.Kanna Kuzhi is sung by Anthony Daasan. Kanna Kuzhi song tune made by Anthony Daasan.Anthony Daasan penned Kanna Kuzhi song lyrics.
  • Summa Song Lyrics

    Summa Song Lyrics from “ Anthony Daasan“.Summa is sung by Anthony Daasan. Summa song tune made by Anthony Daasan.E.L.Siga penned Summa song lyrics.
  • Vellai Ullam Velukaathey Song Lyrics

    Vellai Ullam Velukaathey Song Lyrics from “ Vijay Sethupathi 25 Special Celebration Video“.Vellai Ullam Velukaathey is sung by Rahul Nambiar. Vellai Ullam Velukaathey song tune made by Jerwin Joshuah.
  • GumOn Groove Song Lyrics

    GumOn Groove Song Lyrics from “ Anirudh Ravichander“.GumOn Groove is sung by Anirudh Ravichander. GumOn Groove Album song tune made by Anirudh Ravichander.Subu penned GumOn Groove song lyrics.
  • Periyar Kuthu Song Lyrics

    Periyar Kuthu Song Lyrics from “ STR“.Periyar Kuthu is sung by STR . Periyar Kuthu song tune made by Ramesh Thamilmani.Madhan Karky penned Yelae Karuvaachi song lyrics.
  • Yelae Karuvaachi Song Lyrics

    Yelae Karuvaachi Song Lyrics from “ Anthony Daasan“.Yelae Karuvaachi is sung by Anthony Daasan and Reeta Anthony Daasan . Yelae Karuvaachi song tune made by Anthony Daasan.Anthony Daasan penned Yelae Karuvaachi song lyrics. 
  • Kuru Kure Song Lyrics

    Kuru Kure Song Lyrics from “ TeeJay Arunachalam“.Kuru Kure is sung by TeeJay Arunachalam. Kuru Kure song tune made by M.S.Jones Rupert Niranjan.TeeJay Arunachalam penned Kuru Kure song lyrics.
  • ABCD Song Lyrics

    ABCD Song Lyrics from “ Sasi The Don & Anuradha Sriram“.ABCD   is sung by Sasi The Don & Anuradha Sriram. ABCD  song tune made by Sasi The Don.Sasi The Don & Saran Narayanan penned ABCD song lyrics.
  • Mandhira Kannilae Song Lyrics

    Mandhira Kannilae Song Lyrics from “ Mandhira Kannilae Album“.Mandhira Kannilae   is sung by Chinmayi. Mandhira Kannilae  song tune made by Saurabh-Durgesh. Kabilan Vairamuthu penned Mandhira Kannilae  song lyrics.
  • Nee Meendu Vaa Song Lyrics

    Nee Meendu Vaa Song Lyrics from “Theeviram“.Nee Meendu Vaa  is sung by Sid Sriram. Nee Meendu Vaa  song tune made by Kalacharan . Nee Meendu Vaa  song lyrics was penned by Shrenik Viswanathan.