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  • Tamizhai Yetriduvom Song Lyrics

    Tamizhai Yetriduvom Song Lyrics from “G V Prakash Kumar“. G V Prakash Kumar sing Tamizhai Yetriduvom.Tamizhai Yetriduvom song tuned by G V Prakash Kumar. Sahayam IAS penned Tamizhai Yetriduvom song lyrics.
  • Unakena Naan Song Lyrics

    Unakena Naan Song Lyrics: "Unakena Naan" is an Independent Music Album from Zha Records Written and Performed by Prem John. "Unakena Naan"  featuring Akilan S P R and Nakshathra Nagesh."Unakena Naan" Video Produced by Corluz.
  • Nadakum Pathaiyile Song Lyrics

    Nadakum Pathaiyile Song Lyrics from “Nadakum Pathaiyile - Tamil Music Album.Nadakum Pathaiyile is sung by Anthony Daasan, Naarayini Balasubramaniam. Nadakum Pathaiyile song tuned by Jaya Easwar Ragavan. Nadakum Pathaiyile song lyrics were penned by Oviya Oommapathy, Jaya Easwar Ragavan. 
  • Kettavano Song Lyrics

    Kettavano Song Lyrics from “7UP Madras Gig“. Anirudh Ravichander sing Kettavano .Kettavano  song tuned by Sajith Satya . V. Premkumar penned Kettavano  song lyrics.
  • Kezhakkaale Song Lyrics

    Kezhakkaala Song Lyrics: "Kezhakkaala " is an Independent Music Album from 99 Records. Kezhakkaala Song Lyrics were penned by Puratchi Nambi.  "
  • Maanavan Song Lyrics

    Maanavan Song Lyrics from “Maanavan  (Tamil Album)“.Maanavan Song is sung Hiphop Tamizha.Maanavan Song tune and lyrics penned by Hiphop Tamizha.
  • Can You Hear The World Song Lyrics

    Can You Hear The World Song Lyrics from “Bhavatharini“.Can You Hear The World is sung by A R Raihanah, Aishwarya R Dhanush, and Bhavatharini.
  • Thedadhey Song Lyrics

    Thedadhey Song Lyrics from “7UP Madras Gig“. Oorka sing Thedadhey .Backing Vocals by J.C,Pradeep Kumar,Tapass Naresh,Bharath Sankar. Thedadhey song tuned by Oorka . Oorka penned Thedadhey song lyrics.
  • Kanne Kanne Song Lyrics

    Kanne Kanne Song Lyrics from “7UP Madras Gig“. Leon James and Jonita Gandhi sing Kanne Kanne.Kanne Kanne song tuned by Leon James. Ko Sesha penned Kanne Kanne song lyrics.
  • Raati Song Lyrics

    Raati Song Lyrics from “7UP Madras Gig“. Bamba Bhagya sing Raati .Raati song tuned by Santhosh Dhayanidhi. Mohanrajan penned Raati song lyrics.

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