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  • Ezhu Ezhu Song Lyrics

    Ezhu Ezhu Song Lyrics from “Ezhumin“.Ezhu Ezhu is sung by Anirudh Ravichander.Ezhu Ezhu song tuned by Ganesh Chandrasekaran. Ezhu Ezhu song lyrics were penned by  Vivek (Actor).
  • Sengarattan Paaraiyula Song Lyrics

    Sengarattan Paaraiyula Song Lyrics from “Sandakozhi 2“.Sengarattan Paaraiyula is sung by Ramani Ammal and Senthil Dass .Sengarattan Paaraiyula song tuned byYuvanshankar Raja.Kannadi Nenjan song lyrics were penned by Arivumathi.
  • Kannadi Nenjan Song Lyrics

    Kannadi Nenjan Song Lyrics from “Vanjagar Ulagam“.Kannadi Nenjan is sung by Santhosh Narayanan . Kannadi Nenjan song tuned by Sam C.S.Kannadi Nenjan song lyrics were penned by Madhan Karky.
  • Pesugindren Pesugindren Song Lyrics

    Pesugindren Pesugindren Song Lyrics from “ Aan Dhevathai“.Pesugindren Pesugindren is sung by Chaitra Ambadipudi. Pesugindren Pesugindren song tuned made by Ghibran. Pesugindren Pesugindren song lyrics was penned by R. Karthik Prasanna (Karthik Netha) .
  • Maanavan Song Lyrics

    Maanavan Song Lyrics from “Maanavan  (Tamil Album)“.Maanavan Song is sung Hiphop Tamizha.Maanavan Song tune and lyrics penned by Hiphop Tamizha.
  • Setthu Pocchu Manasu Song Lyrics

    Setthu Pocchu Manasu Song Lyrics from “Peranbu“.Setthu Pocchu Manasu is sung by Madhu Iyer. Setthu Pocchu Manasu song tuned by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Setthu Pocchu Manasu song lyrics was penned by Karunakaran .
  • Life Happy Song Lyrics

    Life Happy Song Lyrics from “Odu Raja Odu“.Life Happy is sung by Master Abishek.Life Happy song tuned by Tosh Nanda .Life Happy song lyrics were penned by Kavithran.
  • Kaarirule Song Lyrics

    Kaarirule Song Lyrics from “Odu Raja Odu“.Kaarirule is sung by Shakthisree Gopalan.Kaarirule song tuned by Tosh Nanda .Kaarirule song lyrics were penned by Swaminathan Dindigul.
  • Life Ippo Gaali Song Lyrics

    Life Ippo Gaali Song Lyrics from “Odu Raja Odu“.Life Ippo Gaali is sung by Aparna.Life Ippo Gaali song tuned by Tosh Nanda .Life Ippo Gaali song lyrics were penned by Ken Royson, Naveen Paulrajan.
  • Thamaasu Thamaasu Song Lyrics

    Thamaasu Thamaasu Song Lyrics from “Odu Raja Odu“.Thamaasu Thamaasu is sung by Samana Raja.Thamaasu Thamaasu song tuned by Tosh Nanda .Thamaasu Thamaasu song lyrics were penned by Parinaman.

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