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  • Kannum Kannum Song Lyrics

    Kannum Kannum Song Lyrics from “Anniyan “.Leslie Lewis, Andrea Jeremiah and Vasundhara Das sing Kannum Kannum .Kannum Kannum song tuned by Harris Jayaraj.Kannum Kannum Song lyrics were penned by Kabilan.
  • Dating Song Lyrics

    Dating Song Lyrics from “Boys“.Blaaze & Vasundhara Das sing Dating .Dating  song tuned by AR Rahman.Dating  Song lyrics were penned by Pa. Vijay.
  • Secret of Success Song Lyrics

    Secret of Success Song Lyrics from “Boys“.Lucky Ali, Clinton Cerejo, Blaaze & Vasundhara Das sing Secret of Success.Secret of Success song tuned by AR Rahman.Secret of Success Song lyrics were penned by Vaali, Blaaze.